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Question: What is the shelf life of the Frosting Sheets™?
Answer:One year. Be sure to keep the Frosting Sheets™ in their air tight plastic closed/sealed bag, otherwise they will dry out and become brittle and unusable.
Question: Will the Frosting Sheets™ melt into frosting that has set for a day or more?
Answer:If the frosting on the cake appears dry or crusty, apply a fine mist of water onto the cake top before applying the Frosting Sheet. This can be achieved with an airbrush or small misting bottle.


Question: With what types and brands of frosting do Kopykake Frosting Sheets™ work best?
Answer:Fresh Buttercream or Non-Dairy topping, Fondant, Marzipan, even Ice Cream are the best. It is recommended that you do not put the Frosting Sheets™ directly on a high moisture base, such as whipped creams. You may fill cakes with whipped cream, but use a thin layer of buttercream under the actual Frosting Sheets™.  You may use hard frostings, such as Royal Icing, Marzipan, etc., but you should also put a very thin coating of a buttercream, piping gel, or at least a fine mist water spray so the Frosting sheet will adhere to the surface.


Question: What do I do if the Frosting Sheets™ will not come off the backing sheet?
Answer: The Frosting Sheets™ are supplied with an Acetate backing sheet to separate them from each other in their packaging. If your frosting will not peel off its backing sheet it is because it is too damp most likely due to humidity.

There are a number of things you can do:

  • Place the sheet in a very cold DRY freezer for 10-15 seconds. Not Longer. We find this method works the best of all.
  • Use a hair dryer to blow hot air on the front and reverse side of the backing sheet for 30-40 seconds.
  • Leave the Frosting Sheets™  in normal room conditions to allow it to dry sufficiently.
  • Roll the Frosting Sheets™ over the edge of a desk to encourage the frosting to come off.
  • Leave the Frosting Sheets™ in an air conditioned room for a short time.
Question: What do I do if the Frosting Sheets™ are dry and brittle?
Answer: If the Frosting Sheets™ are dry and brittle they have been dried out. This condition is normally caused by a faulty air tight plastic bag or a user’s failure to close the bag after removing a sheet. The Frosting Sheets™ may be re-humidified if you have some way of placing them in a humid environment.

There are a number of things you can do:

  • Keep Frosting Sheets™ in a wet type refrigerator in the sealed air tight plastic bag. Do not keep in a freezer.
  • Spray a fine mist of water over the Frosting Sheets™ with an airbrush or other water misting device. Do not sprinkle or throw water on the Frosting Sheets™ as this will ruin it.
  • Hold the Frosting Sheets™ over a pot of steaming water for a few seconds.
  • Place the Frosting Sheets™ in a high humidity proofing area or proof box for a short time.
Question: Can the Frosting Sheets be stored?
Answer:Yes. Place it back in an air tight sealed plastic bag. You may choose to dry the image before or after storage. Be sure to keep the image out of any direct light to prevent color deterioration.


Question: Why do bubbles appear on the Frosting Sheets™ when it has sat overnight?
Answer:In most of the cases, the bubbles are caused by moisture coming up from below the Frosting Sheet. The best preventative measures are to use the recommended frosting and store the image covered in a cool dry place.


Question: Why do cracks appear on the image?
Answer:If the cake is allowed to flex during transportation, wrinkles or cracks may appear depending in whether the image was compressed or stretched. Using a double board, especially with half sheet cakes, will help eliminate this problem.


Question: Are the Frosting Sheets™ FDA approved?
Answer: Yes.